Guess 'em

Guess 'em is a free game for the iPhone & iPod touch.

What is Guess 'em?

Guess 'em is a free two player game for the iPhone & iPod touch.

Guess 'em is a guessing game where you try to find out your friend has by asking a series of questions, like; Do they have big eyes?, Are they wearing purple? Near the end of the game you should start to think who the person has, so you can shout "Guess 'em" and reveal your guess.


Here are some screenshots from Guess 'em, Click on the images to make them larger.

Start Screen Launch Screen How to page one How to page two How to page three Content pack picker
A free content pack A pay for content pack Game Screen scrolling Game screen horizontal Game Screen

Content Packs

Guess 'em comes with one free content pack to get you started. A content pack is a set of 24 faces along a theme, like: Halloween, Pirates etc. More content packs can be downloaded for free and some are available for a small additional fee.


To download the free game is easy! Simply click on the download button below to be taken to itunes where you can download the game! Download


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Like the game?

Guess 'em is a free game built by myself, if you'd like to gift me something from my amazon wishlist, that would be great, it's available here: Chris's Amazon WishList. Thank you.

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